Curriculum Vitae

A younger me, back when I taught electrostatics.

This website should give you an idea of my varied interests. Hopefully, my work history speaks to my priorities.

My mother is an English teacher and my father a retired civil servant. They helped instill in me an appreciation for my blessings coupled with the importance of giving back. I began my professional life as a high school physics teacher, convinced that teaching would best leverage my interests and skills to make a difference. I've experimented with information technology as a means for improving democratic dialogue, and most recently, I've come to believe that there's something for me to do in the law.

I live in Massachusetts with my wife and son where I work as a data scientist for the MA Committee for Public Counsel Services (public defenders). I also serve as an adjunct professor at Suffolk University Law School. I used to produce a science-themed video series (The Tabletop Explainer), and occasionally I write science fiction under the guise of speculative legal fiction.

Select Publications:

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Law (selected coverage)

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10Questions (selected coverage)



  1. Boston University School of Law (JD)
  2. DNA People's Legal Services (summer law clerk)
  3. BU Law's Journal of Science & Technology Law (article editor)
  4. US Navy JAG Appellate Defense (legal intern)
  5. Harvard Graduate School of Education (EdM)
  6. Cornell University School of Arts & Sciences (BA)
  7. Nova Online (intern)

Social Entrepreneurship:

  1. WeJudicate (founder)
  2. communityCOUNTS (founder)
  3. 10Questions (co-creator)


  1. Suffolk University Law School (adjunct faculty)
  2. Committee for Public Counsel Services (staff attorney & data scientist)
  3. Anaces, Inc. (co-founder, CEO)
  4. Boston University Prof. Ward Farnsworth (research assistant)
  5. Lexington High School (physics & astronomy teacher)
  6. Broughton High School (Fulbright exchange teacher)
  7. Lexplorations (camp instructor)
  8. Camp Galileo (camp instructor)
  9. US Secret Service (software developer)
  10. Cornell Campus Life (resident advisor)
  11. Cornell Dept. of Physics (webmaster)
  12. Cornell Dept. of Astronomy (lab assistant)


  1. Discovering Justice (Mock Trial Coach)
  2. Team Jumpstart (Boston Marathon Runner)
  3. Venture Crew 160 (associate advisor)
  4. Cambridge Auxiliary Police (officer)

Select Awards and Honors:

References: On request

This list does not include all of my contract work.

It saddens me that I once felt the need to include a footnote here. Luckily policies have changed for the better, but this article should explain my thinking.