Anaces, Inc. was a small software development firm devoted to the idea that the world can be changed through creative coding–elegant web apps that make a difference. It was founded in 2005 as a response to my frustration with the information management system used by the school where I worked.

Mmmm... free lunch. A googlicious meal
with my good friend, business partner,
and Googler, Josh.
In 2010, Anaces worked with the Personal Democracy Forum to build and host 10questions, a nation-wide online town hall meeting in a selection of mid-term elections around the nation. The site allowed visitors to ask and prioritize questions for congressional, senatorial, and gubernatorial candidates. We also built and ran a similar site for the presidential election in Brazil called 10Perguntas ("10 Questions" in Portuguese) and a gubernatorial race in Mexico, 10Preguntas.

Between 2005 and 2013, Anaces was mostly a part-time, sometimes full-time, project for its founders, Josh Estelle and myself. In that time, I left teaching for the law, Josh finished his master's and took a job at Google, we both got married and started families. Anaces closed its doors in 2013, and I'm happy to say we closed in the black. It's was a busy but rewarding ride.

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