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Lexington High School kids 'dominated the competition'
By Bethan L. Jones/ Staff Writer
Thursday, June 30, 2005

They did it again.
     The Science Olympiad team at Lexington High School rose to the occasion at the state tournament this year.
     "We dominated the competition," said Lexington High School physics teacher David Colarusso.
     Colarusso is one of two coaches for LHS' Science Olympiad Team, a group of students willing to apply themselves to a variety of academic events calling on both their intellect and their creativity.
     This year's team was comprised of 18 students who competed in 21 individual and team events at the state science Olympiad held at Framingham State College in March. LHS was ranked third overall.
     In the past five years, LHS has been consistently in one of the top three spots.
     "Our kids are doing spectacular and amazing things in science," said Colarusso.
     The work begins at the beginning of the academic year when Colarusso and fellow coach Nicholas Gould, also a physics teacher, start putting the team together. At the initial meeting, they explain the various events which range from figuring out a physics problem to building a bottle rocket.
     Science teachers from various backgrounds step up to help prepare the team of students for the events, meeting with them after school on a weekly basis.
     Colarusso said part of his role as coach is to help fit the students into the teams and categories which play to their strengths, with some kids participating in more than one event.
     "The amount of effort [demonstrated by the students] is quite something," said Colarusso.
     For the state competition, "we roster pretty much anyone who stays interested," said the physics teacher.
     The state Olympiad is like a track meet for academics, with multiple events taking place at the same time. Once the points are tallied, the number one ranked team goes on to represent Massachusetts in the national competition. Colarusso said Lexington made it to nationals four times in recent years.
     This year, the team came in third behind Acton-Boxborough and Concord-Carlisle. The LHS showing has the coaches optimistic about next year's events.
     "We're in a really good spot for next year," said Colarusso. "It's a very strong team."
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