Dynamic Astronomy Content

Place the Earth's sky on your website with these dynamic banners. By placing a banner on your site, you not only get cool content; you also support www.DavidColarusso.com. All you have to do is cut-and-paste the provided html code into the body of your html document. By using this content, you agree to leave all copyright attributions and links present in the original html code. Thanks, and enjoy.

Option One (Today's Sky)

The banners in this section were adapted from a simulation I created for my students to illustrate the wandering nature of the planets' paths across the sky. The methods behind calculating the planets' positions, as well as the simulation, can be found here.

To place these banners on your webpage, simply cut-and-paste the html code into the body of your html document. You may change the size of the banner by editing the width and height attributes in the code within both the OBJECT and EMBED tags.

Option Two (In Motion)

Option Three (In Motion, B&W)

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