Phylm, pronounced "film," is a portmanteau combining physics and film. It is the umbrella name given to a number of physics/film projects I've worked on, including an annual Phylm Prize and a curricular unit for physics teachers. The curricular unit can be found here. The prize is funded by revenu from The Tabletop Explainer (link to the right) and is a small way for me to give back. Heck, the Internet gives me money for making videos.

Here is a one-page handout with the Official Rules, but basically the entry with the most votes wins. To learn more, check out the Google Moderator series below. You can see past winners under the "Past Winners" tab.

We start accepting entires on January 1, 2012, and all entries are due by, and voting stops on, May 13, 2012. The prize's main page can be found at

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