Additional work (The Making of...).

The process of identifying an interesting question or set of questions and finding a solution is at the center of doing science. Hopefully, your work in producing this phylm was similarly rewarding. However, in science it is also key to document your work so that others might evaluate and build upon it. As a supplement to your phylm, you should write a brief breakdown of your work. Your breakdown should describe your clip and the physics in it, including the problem you sought to answer and how you arrived at your solution. This means you need a description of the scene, including a list of all the assumed physical quantities. Be sure to explain why you took the carís velocity to be 48 kilometers an hour. After describing your scenario, explain what it is specifically you were examining (how far the car would have flown...) and then present your solution just as you would if your problem had been one assigned to you in class (i.e., show your work, etc.).

I hope that you have enjoyed making your phylm. I welcome your feedback; please send any comments on this unit to Also, if you enjoyed this project you might find some of my other projects interesting. You can find them on my personal page


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